Bored of language learning?

This is for you.

If your language learning is feeling a little dull and repetitive, 100 Creative Ideas for Solo Language Learners is what you need.

100 Creative Ideas for Solo Language Learners includes:

  • Over 100 Creative Ideas to learn languages solo
  • Chapters covering all key elements of language learning
  • Additional videos, templates, and examples for certain creative ideas
  • Access to all future updates

You enjoy language learning but it’s not know, fun.

And you’ve given it a fair shot.

You’ve tried watching stuff because you heard someone learnt English simply from watching Friends.

But all you can say in that language is “directed by”.

You’ve tried using music because you’ve been told that’s going to help with motivation.

But all you really learnt was how many English words they used in that song. Baby!

You’re beginning to wonder if language learning does just happen with stuffy old grammar drills.


(Spoiler alert: I’ll teach you how to get creative with grammar stuff too.)


You’re always up for a little language learning because you know how to get creative and make it fun for you?


You keep using the stuff that works and that you like, and get to ditch the boring bits without losing the impact?


You’re inspired so much that you start getting creative and coming up with your own ideas that will work for your language learning?

But you’ve tried everything, right?


Another app?!

That thing costs so much!



I don't have time for that!

Is this the one-size-fits-all magic solution that’s going to make me fluent?!


Nope. That most definitely does not exist. Don't worry, I'm not going to pretend this is that.

But I do have something that can help with your language learning enjoyment…


Not the non-existent answer to all your problems, but definitely a spark of inspiration to help with some of them.

100 Creative Ideas for Solo Language Learners is an
ebook with digital companion content with over 100 Creative Ideas to bring a little fun into your language learning. 

If you’ve ever sat stuck with the same boring book and wondered how anyone ever gets further than chapter 3, this is the answer to that.


Here’s the thing…

When you give yourself permission to get creative with your language learning, you’re keeping it exciting, which in turn helps you to stay motivated. 

And that continual motivation? Well, that’s what’s going to help you to end up with better language skills and confidence in the long run.

Say adiós to...

And 你好 to...

😤 Frustration with repetition 😤

💤 Boredom with resources 💤

😖 Struggles with motivation 😖

😎 Ease with a range of resources and ideas 😎

🎉 Fun with languages 🎉

🤗 Steady & sustainable motivation 🤗


100 Creative Ideas is an ebook with digital supporting content to help you get started and take action on what you learn.

Read on for the details of what's inside...

Introduction: 4 Key Features

It’s great knowing how to learn and everything but if your key foundations are rocky, it’s not going to help too much. The introduction looks at four key areas of language learning and explores different ways you can make them work for you: accountability, documentation, connection, and progress.

Chapter 1: Creative Reading Ideas  

The first chapter explores various ways to enhance your reading skills, as well as how to make reading as part of your language study more useful and fun. Perfect for bookworms!

Chapter 2: Creative Listening Ideas  

Whether you love listening activities or struggle to stay focused, this chapter has some Creative Ideas for everyone. You’ll get ideas for what to listen to as well as what to do with it when you find something interesting.

Chapter 3: Creative Speaking Ideas  

This is the one we all want to improve, right? Chapter 3 gives you many Creative Ideas to boost your speaking. And yes, there’s Creative Ideas to help with confidence and for speaking when you’re alone. Not the first sign of madness, I promise.

Chapter 4: Creative Writing Ideas  

Often ignored, but never needs to be a bore! The Creative Ideas in this chapter will give you lots to start writing more. Here’s the first trick - you’ll always have something to write about. Woohoo!

Chapter 5: Creative Vocabulary Ideas  

Yes, flashcards are great, but they’re not for everyone. This chapter focuses on plenty of Creative Ideas to learn, practise and expand your vocabulary. Hear that? That’s your vocab count tick tick ticking up and up.

Chapter 6: Creative Grammar Ideas  

The final chapter of the book is a little different as it focuses on Creative Ideas for certain grammatical points. From verb conjugations to prepositions and plenty more in between, you’ve got lots of ideas to spark inspiration and go beyond the grammar drills.

The Digital Companion Content  

As well as the ebook itself, with 100 Creative Ideas for Solo Language Learners, you get accompanying digital content to help support certain Creative Ideas in the book. Tech training videos and templates to get you started await!

This includes:

  •  Tech training video walk-throughs  
  •  Templates that you can use  
  •  Examples to show you the Creative Ideas in action


You don't need to wait for the ebook to arrive in the post. Get instant access when you click the button below and start wherever you are.



Why hello there! I'm Lindsay and I do Languages, which is why I founded Lindsay Does Languages in 2012, a community dedicated to inspiring independent language learners + online teachers to succeed when doing it solo.  

When I'm not learning languages myself (+ I've studied a few - 14 at last count!), I'm coaching independent language learners + online teachers just like you online.  

And when I'm not doing that I'm playing with my tortoise Gonzo who speaks a grand total of zero languages.

Because I care about you + your language learning, when you get 100 Creative Ideas for Solo Language Learners, you also get  

  •  Lifetime Access  
  •  All Future Updates  

Got questions?

Some of the most anticipated questions you might have are answered below. Still got questions? Click the green box in the bottom right corner to ask me now!

>> I'm learning French/Japanese/Guarani, will this work for me?

Oui, はい, hêe! Absolutely! I've got experience learning many different languages myself, and have created this book to be suitable for learners of any language. Some activities may be more suited for some languages over others, but that's the minority.

>> Can I buy just the book and not the digital content?

Nope. That would be like breaking up Ant and Dec (or pencil and paper for a more widely understood comparison). The digital content supports the book and makes everything much easier for you. I wouldn't want you to get only half of the story by just getting the book!

>> I'm not you offer refunds if I change my mind?

I'm sure you're not a criminal but there's a small number of online equivalents of "diners and dashers" - people who will get a thing, download the thing, and ask for a refund. Downloaders and dashers, if you will. Due to the digital nature of this product, I don't offer refunds.

>> I'm a total newbie/average/super savvy solo learner. Is this for me?

It is indeed! The thing about getting creative with your language learning is it can happen at any level if you know how. You'll be able to adapt the majority of the ideas in the book for any level and any ability. Enjoy!

>> I teach languages. Will this help me?

Potentially. But I actually have another option that would be a better fit: 100 Creative Ideas for Online Language Teachers. There's a teeny tiny bit of crossover but they're very different options. Find out more here.

>> Do I need to buy anything else once I have access?

There are some suggestions in the book for other tools and resources, some of which cost money. However, nothing is 100% necessary! It's up to you if you buy other things. Many Creative Ideas in the book require nothing!

>> Do I get 1:1 time or community support?

Not with this option! 100 Creative Ideas is designed to not need 1:1 time or community support. If it's community support you're after, check out Language Life.

>> Will this teach me a language?

Nope. This is suitable for learners of any language but will not teach you the language. It's all about giving you Creative Ideas to teach yourself the language you're learning.

Upgrade your language learning with 100 Creative Ideas for Solo Language Learners.

All for just $60.


Please note: Due to the digital nature of this product, refunds are not available and VAT may be added depending on your location at the time of purchase. Them's the rules!