What is #IGLC?

#IGLC is short for Instagram Language Challenge.

Each month I share a new prompt list with a daily word to inspire a little language learning each day.

Share your photos or videos with what you've learnt on Instagram using the hashtag #IGLC to join the community.

A little of what you love each day!

This month

Frequently Asked Questions

Anything not answered below? Tweet me @ldlanguages and I'll get back to you!

  • Do I need to translate the prompts?
    Absolutely not! If you already know the prompt word in your target language, don't worry. You can adapt it to suit your current level. Try thinking of the opposite to the prompt, or building a full sentence, or preparing a short video using it in different situations. Completely your call!
  • Do I have to do it every single day?
    Nuh uh. It's your language learning. You might notice there's just 28 prompts most months, this is to allow for a few days off, which will naturally happen. The last thing we want is you stressing out over #IGLC!
  • How do I remember the prompts?!
    Click that little bit of text above inviting you to click it. Got it? Now you can right click the image and then click 'save image as' or similar to download the image. Pop it on your phone, stick it on your wall, whatever and wherever is going to help you keep track.
  • Do I need to sign up anywhere?
    No way! All you have to do is share your images or videos on Instagram. Use the hashtag #IGLC so we can find you and say hey! 
  • What do you use to get text and stuff on your photos?
    There's so many apps out there to do just that. Let's keep it simple! Try A Color Story to get started.
  • Which language do I have to learn?
    Totally up to you. We design the prompts to be adaptable and flexible to work with whichever language you're currently learning. No rules on that one!