A membership community for language learners who want success, support, and super language skills.


You’ve started learning a language by yourself, but recently you’ve been feeling demotivated. 

Are you finding yourself drifting away from your studies?

Distracted by another new “master method” that could fix all your problems (or not)?

Wondering if you’re making any progress at all?

Back in school, it was your job to turn up and do what you were expected to do. But now you’re learning a language by yourself, you feel like you’re out on your own.


Getting organised about language learning is hard, and in French or Spanish class no one ever told you how to go about that part of things.

Those stumbling blocks are real:

You want to study, but it’s so hard to grab some time for yourself.

You want to speak, but you get so nervous that you start to sweat and stutter.

You want to focus, but it seems like your brain can’t remember any of the words you need to know.

"I mainly joined the Language League in hopes of finding a community of enthusiastic language learners. I find that in big groups it's sometimes hard to connect and also there are many people who only ever learned one foreign language. Of course there's nothing wrong with that, but the things I wonder about language learning are a bit different. In Language League, not only did I find the community I was looking for, but also I've found so much good advice. Some of it I knew, but the way it is presented just makes it really sink in. I also enjoy going back through the old material. And while I first wondered if I want to watch videos of other people chatting, but I've found that these are often also very informative or at least enjoyable to watch. I think I've pretty much tried every type of activity so far, except the speakeasies, but that's only because I haven't managed to fit them into my schedule. Hopefully that will change in the future, because everything else has given me so many new things to think about. I especially enjoy that you get different views from Lindsay, Kerstin, and Shannon, so you get 3 different points of view!"

Anna, Language League Member

You can overcome these stumbling blocks without slowing down your language progress!  


  •  By immersing yourself in monthly topics to improve your language learning on the regular.  
  •  By increasing your passion for language learning with monthly recommendations for things to enjoy.  
  •  By improving your speaking confidence through weekly conversation calls with a supportive community of equally enthusiastic language learners.  

Sounds good, right?  

  •  Imagine what it feels like to know that you’re not alone with your love of language learning.  
  •  Imagine what it feels like to know you’re continually getting better at the language learning process.  
  •  Imagine what it feels like to be part of something designed for language lovers like you.  

You’re ready to get better at teaching yourself a language, but you find yourself second guessing yourself, asking questions like...

“How do I keep learning languages in the long-term?” 

"I'm learning my first foreign language. When should I start another? How do people do that?"

"Does anyone out there really love language learning as much as me?!"

Learning languages can sometimes feel like an endless, lonely pursuit. Without any guidance or structure, it’s a long, winding road to nowhere. It’s difficult to keep going, and way too easy to lose motivation.  

This is why we created our membership community for language learners, Language League.  


A membership community for language learners who want success, support, and super language skills.

"Language league helped me to breakout of my shell. I was so shy that it held me back from speaking to people and Because of this I wasn’t making any progress. When I discovered language league ( which was under a different name back then) I decided to take a chance and attend one of the group practice sessions. Meeting other people who were learning a different language really helped me to get the courage to talk with native speakers. Since joining I now have successful language exchanges and discovered new ways for learning things like grammar and vocabulary. Which I also struggled with. A big thing I’ve learned is How to better fit language learning into my life instead of me trying to fit my life into language learning . There’s also a lot of awesome monthly topics that help with the different areas or learning a language. Plus they give examples of different ways of doing something so you can figure out what works best for you. All in all I would highly recommend language league."  

- Cheryl, Language League Member

Life before Language League:  

  • You stress over staying motivated so much that you lose motivation to actually learn that language.  
  • You struggle to find the right people to connect with to help take your language learning further.  
  • You feel fed up with your slow progress.  
  • You feel embarrassed to speak that language because you fear mistakes.  
  • You suffer from frustration with attempting to fit language learning into your life.  

Life after Language League:  

  • You’re motivated to keep learning that language and to keep improving how you learn it.  
  • You’ve got a supportive community of fellow language learners around you cheering you on.  
  • You’re excited by your consistent progress.  
  • You’re proud of your current language level and confident to speak and use it in real life.  
  • You’ve made language learning as much a part of your daily life as brushing your teeth.  

So what do you get with Language League?

Created with current language learners in mind, Language League is about giving you the knowledge and support you need to keep getting better at language learning.  

You get...

Monthly Topic Video Lesson  

Every month, we share a new video lesson with you. 

These topics are selected based on the struggles we know modern language learners face all the time.  

Monthly Topic Workbook  

To accompany each Video Lesson, you get a Workbook to help you take action on what you learn.

When you've competed the Workbook activities, join in the monthly Mini Challenge too!  

Monthly Live Q+A  

At the end of each month, to give you a chance to ask your questions and share your thoughts on the Monthly Topic, join us for our live Q+A.  

If you can’t make it, no worries. Each call recording is shared with the community.  

Regular Speak Easy Sessions  

Speaking practice is notoriously the hardest thing to find for solo language learners. That’s what Speak Easy Sessions are all about.  

Join us at least 3 times each month to speak that language out loud is a small group of learners who are there to support you.  

Not-Always-A-Book Book Club  

Each month, you get a chance to dig deeper into the world of language learning through our Not Always A Book Book Club.  

Books, podcast episodes, TV, film...we share something with you to further deepen your curiosity and passion for language learning.  

Private Facebook Community  

Got any questions between our Live Q+A calls? No problem!  

The Private Facebook Community for Language League is the place to share struggles and successes, and ask questions about language learning.  


Language League is an online community designed around flexible, actionable training sessions that come to you on a monthly basis.  

It’s hosted by Kerstin Cable, Shannon Kennedy, and Lindsay Williams.

Oh hey! And who are we exactly?

We’re three language-obsessed friends and serial language learners who are always looking to get better at this crazy fun hobby! And we want you to come along for the ride.

Between us we have decades of experience learning over 17 languages in a whole manner of ways. You name it, one of us has probably tried it! Learning multiple languages, studying individual languages to high levels, getting qualifications in languages- we've been busy.

Not only that but we each have teaching experience, teaching both languages and coaching people directly to get better at the language learning process. Kerstin works closely with her students on her regular German retreats too.

We're all keen travellers and love to use our languages when we travel. Lindsay travelled extensively across Latin America and Southeast Asia interviewing people about languages and created Language Stories, a podcast and video series exploring languages across the world.

One thing we also all have in common is our love for speaking at international events - and even hosting them as we all co-host Women in Language online. Shannon has spoken at LangFest in Montreal as well as other events.

But the beauty of Language League is that despite our similarities, we do have our differences too, ad not only when it comes to languages! Kerstin loves cats but Lindsay hates them and would rather cuddle up with her tortoise. Shannon plays the saxophone professionally but Kerstin prefers choir singing. And Lindsay likes running long distances but Shannon is much better at punching it out in Taekwondo.

Language League is made for you.

It’s made to fit into your busy life.  

It’s made to enhance your language learning, not replace it.  

It’s made to be as flexible as possible to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.  

You can watch the videos, complete the workbooks, and join the live calls from wherever you are in the world.

How Much Time Will I Need Each Week?

Everyone enjoys Language League differently.

Some members attend many of the live calls, while others focus on the Monthly Topic Videos and Workbooks.  

Some watch each video lesson as they come out each month, while others pick and choose the previous videos as and when they need them.  

However you choose to enjoy Language League, the key thing is that it enhances your language learning - not takes away from it.  

To fully get the most from the Monthly Topic would take between 1-3 hours in total a month, so it can easily fit around your current language learning.  

There’s really no rush or pressure as you have access to all previous Monthly Topics as long as you’re a member of Language League.

This is the best time to join Language League.  

Why now and not later?  

When you join Language League today, you get:  

  •  Instant access to a back-catalogue of Monthly Topics (including Live Q+A recordings) dating back to October 2017.  
  •  The chance to join a Speak Easy Session within the next week and begin to increase your spoken language confidence right away.  
  •  The community of language learners you’ve been waiting for cheering you on for an immediate motivation boost.  

Wait any longer and you’re risking months (or years) more of doubts, motivation dips, and slower than necessary progress.  

How Do I Know I’m Ready for Language League?

You’re ready for Language League if...  

  •  You’re already learning a language (or two...or seven...) and you want to get better at it.  
  •  You’re open to trying new methods and learning new things to improve your language skills.  
  •  You’re looking for support and community to connect with people who love this inspiring passion as much as you do.  

You’re not ready for Language League if...  

  •  You’re brand new to solo language learning (our other courses might be a better fit for you).  
  •  You’re not willing to take advice on board and try new things with your language learning.  
  •  You don’t want the support and community that Language League provides.  


What it all comes down to...

The end goal is to be fluent. To be confident speaking. To be better than where you’re at now.  

But “be fluent” is always so far into the future that you need regular goals to achieve along the way to make language learning more positive and enjoyable.  

Confidence speaking that language comes from understanding the combination of skills that go together to give you that confidence. (We teach you these skills in Language League)  

And being better than where you’re at now? Signing up for Language League is a great first step towards making that happen.  

There’s two things that could happen now...

1. You close this tab, go back to Googling endlessly every time you get stuck or lose motivation or need help and support. Probably not quite finding what you need and wasting time and money on the wrong things.

2. You join Language League and instantly have a whole host of past monthly topics at your disposal to learn from as and when you’re ready, plus access to a thriving, supportive community of friendly fellow language learners and hosts!


“I don’t think I have enough time for this.”

I get it. We’re all busy and it’s hard to imagine something new fitting into our lives. But here’s the thing: Language League has been designed with busy language learners in mind. We know your time is sacred and we respect that. That’s why there’s no fluff in Language League. The Video Lessons and Workbooks are straight to the point. And remember, you have access to everything as long as you’re a member, so you can go back and study what suits you when. There’s no rush or pressure!

“I don’t feel ready for a monthly commitment to my language learning.”

When do you think you will be ready? If we really think about it, we’re not ready for anything, ever. There’s always something we can use as an excuse to hold us back.  

But when you join Language League, you’re committing yourself to language learning. The impact that can have on your continued motivation is hard to describe until you’re part of it.  

If you’re looking to make language learning a solid part of your everyday life, to connect with others who feel the same, to find consistent motivation to improve your study process, then you’re ready for Language League.  

“I don’t know what else there is to be said about how to learn a language.”

It feels like everything’s been said before? “Use this app” or “Set these goals”, right?  

Language League is different. How? We take topics key to language study and dig deep. Drawing from our diverse personal experience of years of language study, as well as research into foreign language learning and other areas, we present each topic in a new light.  

Not only that, but because you’ve got three hosts for Language League (more on that in a moment), you’ve got three different perspectives to learn from.  

So yeah, there’s still plenty to be said about how to learn a language. And plenty you can learn from that.  

Language League has history.  

You can forget bad boyfriends and girlfriends and instead take in all the history that Language League comes with - because it’s way more positive and regret free!  

We’ve been running Language League since October 2017, which means we’ve got a huge (and ever-growing) back catalogue of Monthly Topics for you to pick from and learn as and when suits you.  

The monthly cost of Language League is $39. That means that you’re looking at over 2 years worth of $39 per month just waiting for you when you join.  

If we were to price this at what it should cost with that in mind, you’re looking at $936 at least.  

Yet, when you join today, you get all of that at no extra cost. Pretty cool, huh?

Call It Off Anytime. No Questions Asked.  

Because we believe in fairness and not trapping you in some kind of complicated system that means you have to jump through 17 different hoops to leave, when you join Language League, you join with full transparency.  

That means you can request to cancel your membership at any time, no questions asked, and your subscription will be cancelled right away.  

We don't offer refunds, but you can join today, take a look inside, and if it’s not for you, cancel your subscription, and all it’s cost you is the price of one month.

Got a question? Let's fix that.

+ I'm learning French/Japanese/another language. Will Language League help me?  

It will! Language League is designed for learners of any language.

There are a few previous session topics that aren't relevant to every language, for example, Learning Languages with Different Writing Systems. However, that's the minority!

+ I'm a beginner/experienced language learner. Is this for me?  

Our approach to language learning is that there's always something to learn and there's always room for improvement! Many members of Language League have been learning for years and still learn something new every month.

And if you're a beginner, Language League will be a great support each month to boost your motivation and keep you going!

+ Will this work for my timezone?  

Ahh the dreaded timezones! Lindsay & Kerstin are typically based in the UK (GMT) so will be hosting Speak Easy sessions at Europe + Africa friendly times. Shannon is typically based on the West Coast of the USA (PT) so will be hosting Speak Easy sessions at USA, Canada + Latin America friendly times. We each host one session each per month (minimum total of three), so you should get at least one chance to join for your timezone. Australia + Asia, we hear you! And if Speak Easy is a popular feature, we'll see what we can do about rolling out an option that is friendly to your timezones too. 

+ Do the Speak Easy sessions replace my language lessons?  

Not really. It's not language lessons.  

Speak Easy is a safe place to practice speaking languages within a supportive community of fellow language obsessed folk. An incredibly valuable thing that we both wanted for ourselves + so wanted to bring to you too.  

+ Will the Speak Easy sessions be recorded?  

We don't record the Speak Easy sessions as they're not very helpful to wach back. 

We do however record the Live Q+A each month an you get access to these recordings on the main communty site as soon as possible after they've happened live.

+ Will you answer my specific question in this programme?

Yes, we will. Every live Q+A is your opportunity to bring questions and issues that you’ve come up against in your language learning and receive on-the-spot coaching from Shannon, Lindsay or Kerstin. Not only that, but the private Facebook Community is always there to help connect with other members and ask your questions.

+ What if there's no one there who speaks/learns the language I do?  

We're aware that there's a lot of languages out there that you're learning. And we'd be crazy if we attempted to promise you there'll always be someone to practise with. However, we've studied between us (to varying levels depending which day of the week it is):  

English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Mandarin, Japanese, Esperanto, Indonesian, Korean, Russian, Croatian, Welsh, Hungarian, Guarani, Bulgarian.  

And at least one of us will always be on hand to answer your language learning questions, learn some of the language from you, or listen to you practice speaking. (Believe me, sometimes it's much less scary to speak that language to someone who doesn't understand than someone who does!)

+ Sounds great! I just don’t know if it’s for me...

Totally fine! We want you to be sure about joining Language League. This club is for you if... You are learning a language at any level (or want to) and would love to connect with others doing the same to share your struggles and successes, and learn from each other You want to learn how to learn a language in bitesize, manageable monthly topics You live abroad or work with people speaking other languages and want to learn more to improve that experience You are ready to commit to a community of like-minded language learners 

But, hey, we understand that not everyone is right for Language League. This might not be for you if… You’re not learning a language and have no intention to You already know how to learn a language and have nothing to improve on You have no contact with other languages and don’t care about changing that You don’t want to commit to learning more or connecting with an awesome community of language learners.

+ What if I’m busy one month and don’t get the chance to use the new content? Do I lose it forever?  

Absolutely not. When you join, we know that you’re busy or that some months won’t be as applicable to you at certain times. That’s why when you join, you get lifetime access to the content. You have the chance to watch and use anything you miss whenever it suits you. It’s like Netflix, but for language learners.

+ What if I can't make the Live Q+A?

No problem! You can post your questions in the Facebook Community and we’ll answer them live. Not only that, but the recordings of the calls will also always be posted on the Language League site (again, forever) so no missing out.

+ Can't I just find a free community online?

Of course you can. But here’s the difference - does that free community give you a whole unit of focused topic to learn each month and improve your language learning? On top of that, how many times have you joined a free group with great intentions but never really gone back and used it? With Language League, you’re joining a group of committed language learners - people who want to meet and learn from you as much as you do them.

+ What if I don't like it? Can I get a refund?

Due to the digital nature of Language League, we don’t offer refunds. But if you’re unsure, try it out on the monthly plan for just one month, take a look around, check out the old content, and cancel before your next monthly payment if you’re not sure it’s right for you.

Made it all the way down here but still have a question? Ask away...

Please note: If you are living in certain parts of the world, this purchase will be subject to compulsory VAT charges outside of our control.  

Photos by Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash; Nappy; and wocintechchat.com.