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There's plenty of ways I can help you learn languages better solo...

#WeDoLanguages Facebook Group

Looking for a place to hang out online where you can connect with fellow language-obsessed folk? This is it.

The #WeDoLanguages Facebook Group is a place where you can...

Å - ask me your questions when I go live in the group. Woohoo!  

β - share your language successes + struggles with a friendly and supportive community. Yay!  

Ç - connect with other language learners for community, support + language exchange. Woop!  

ð - learn more from others in the group about teaching yourself languages + teaching others. Hoorah!

It's a place I want you to enjoy hanging out (digitally!) 

Click below to request to join the Group.


Language Stories

When I set off on a year-long trip around the world with my husband Ashley in August 2017, I knew we had to explore languages along the way.  

But I didn't want it to be a solo journey. I wanted to share what we discovered with other language lovers and intrepid travellers.  

Having Ashley with me seemed like the perfect excuse for lots of video (he makes most of the videos for Lindsay Does Languages) but I also wanted a new challenge...so I started this podcast too!  

Language Stories is a video and podcast project designed to inspire and educate language learners and armchair travellers alike as we travel the world discovering languages and meeting the people who speak them.  

Our journey started in New York and took us down The Americas for Season 1 before hopping across to South-East Asia for Season 2 until we arrived home in the UK in summer 2018. We want you to come along on the journey with us with Language Stories.

Language Stories Podcast and Video Series

Lindsay Does Languages Notebooks

A good notebook can be a gamechanger for your language learning.  

The Lindsay Does Languages Notebook Collection has been designed to express your passion for language learning beyond 'hola'.  

With three designs to choose from (all created by yours truly, hey!) you're about to find your new favourite language notebook.

Hardback or spiral-bound? Blank, ruled or graph?

Finally, choose between A Case of The Cases, I'd Rather Be Learning Languages, and This is How I Language.  

Meet your new favorite.

Yes, please!

The Solo Language Learner Planner

You distract yourself with the washing up that definitely needs to be done before you begin studying. You procrastinate with that dog walk that absolutely needs to happen right now. You eventually sit down to study...a little nervous about where to begin. 5 hours later… The dishes are washed, the dog is walked, but your language learning remains to be done. Time for change.

The Solo Language Learner Planner is a digital and print-ready planner to get your language learning in order and make you more productive.

I need this in my life.

Language Study Club

You love learning languages.  

But something isn’t quite right.  

You’ve not got people around who also love languages - no one to share your successes (and your struggles) with.  

You’re not making the progress you’d like, and have read the same page 37 times over in your coursebook.  

You’ve got all the stuff - the books, the apps, the audio - but the problem is, you don’t know how to learn languages.  

Let’s change that.

Language Study Club is a monthly subscription club for all language learners who want to do better. 

For language learners like you.

I want to join the club.

Successful Self-Study

Language learning on your own is hard.  

You're never going to make it without a class, a teacher, and a test.  

Your motivation doesn't last past chapter 3.  

When you are feeling pumped, your time is wasted on resources and activities that don't work for you.  

Or on browsing through the same intro lesson on 7 different apps.  

How can you teach yourself a language and do it well?  

Here's the truth:  

You CAN learn a language solo successfully.

Successful Self-Study is a self-paced online course that teaches you how to kick butt as a solo language learner.

Tell me more...

Language Coaching Calls + Packages

When you need more personal 1:1 support with your language learning, Language Coaching Calls + Packages are the way to go.

Spaces for Teacher Coaching Packages are available on a limited basis.

Click below to learn more + pick the right Package for you.

What People Are Saying About Learning With Me


  "I highly recommend personal coaching with Lindsay. She is warm, caring, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. I had run into obstacles with my language studies, due to negative learning experiences in the past. However, thanks to Lindsay's generous support, I now feel both inspired and empowered!"  

- Diana, Language Coaching

  "I definitely feel more motivated and in control of my learning since starting Successful Self-Study. I feel so productive!"

-Mel, Student, Successful Self-Study

  "The step by step tech videos are worth their weight in gold and the community that Lindsay has created is worth the price of the course alone."

-Robert, Student, Successful Self-Study

"The workbook in this course is the single most awesome self study language learning resource I've ever seen. Send it to the printers and get it bound!"  

-Kerstin Cable, Fluent Language, about Successful Self-Study