You're set on the idea of teaching languages online. 

But it turns's not as easy as it first seemed.  

You're stressing everyday about what to post on social media to attract the right students.  

You're not even sure you know who your "right student" is!  

You find yourself scouring the web for the answers, and...hundreds of tabs, blogs, and podcasts later, you're just as confused as when you started. (But a little more frustrated and exhausted.)  

Constantly on the edge of burnout but feeling like you can't take a break because you need to keep working to make the money to pay the bills and...  

Hang this what you wanted to teach languages online for? 

You wanted more freedom and flexibility with your money and your hours.  

You wanted work that lights you up in the morning and excites you.  

You wanted to teach languages online to be better than before.  

So why is that not how it feels right now? 

Now imagine a life where you do have that freedom and flexibility with your money and your hours...

You do have work that lights you up in the morning and excites you.  

You are teaching languages online and it is better than before.  

What does your better than before look like?

Maybe it's the freedom to work and travel wherever and whenever you please.  

Maybe it's the freedom to work hours that fit around your family, allowing you more time with the people you love.  

Maybe it's simply the freedom to let go of the current stresses and be happier.  


But every time you try to go further teaching online, you're held back. 

You're asking yourself questions like...  

“Why does no-one around me understand this job that I know exists?”

“What if I do all this work and get no students?”

“I don't even have a website, how could I ever get online language students?”

“What matters most? What should I start spending my time on first?”

“Why is it working for everybody else and not for me?”

I get it. There's so much confusion and so many questions when you try teaching a language online on your own. Without guidance, it can be really tricky to know what to do (and what not to do). Without the support you deserve, it feels like you're destined to make too many mistakes, lose motivation, and never actually get to where you want to be with your teaching.  

That's where the Online Teaching Starter Kit comes in.

Introducing... The Online Teaching Starter Kit  

The self-paced online program that walks you step-by-step through the process of creating, promoting and growing your own online language teaching business. (aka your new business best friend)

Online Teaching Starter Kit Lindsay Does Languages


"If you are ready to be an online teacher and are willing to put in the work to build your own business, then you won't find a better guide than the Online Teaching Starter Kit."

- Elena, Hitoritabi

Life before the Online Teaching Starter Kit: 

  • You're frustrated with constantly working harder and harder and seeing minimal results for your efforts.  

  • You're struggling to believe this can and will happen for you.  

  • You're exhausting yourself on the daily, looking for the one thing that you can start doing to change everything - Instagram, Pinterest, blogging, podcasts...which is right for you?  
  • Stressed that you can't seem to get past those first few followers.  

  • Finding it hard to stay focused on one thing long enough to see results. 

Life after the Online Teaching Starter Kit:  

  • Your content is shared and recognised across the internet, reaching potential new students every day.

  • You have a waiting list of students desperate to learn with you.

  • Your online language teaching becomes your full-time income and you love waking up for work each day.  
  • Satisfied with your regular growth in the stats that matter beyond just vanity metrics (the likes, the followers, the subscribers...).  
  • Productive with your work habits, routines and focus that don't take over the rest of your life.

The Online Teaching Starter Kit takes you from 0 students to ∞ (and beyond..?) with lessons you can follow in order or pick and mix as and when you need.  


The first 2 Units are all about laying solid foundations for your online language teaching business.

Brand new to online teaching? This is where it all begins.  

Starting with this Unit will ensure you're laying some solid foundations upon which to build your growing online language teaching business. 

Click here to read more about Unit 1

Many people that email me about teaching online have years of experience in the classroom, but the scary thing about going online is the online part.  

What tech should you use for each part of your online teaching? This Unit has you covered.  


Once you feel confident with Units 1 and 2, it's time to start connecting with those first students. 

When you teach online, say goodbye to the days of trawling around housing estates pushing leaflets through doors or paying way more than you should for an ad in a local booklet. (Seriously, I did both of those things offline...)  

This Unit focuses on the most important elements of establishing a reputable brand online.  

You also get access for free to the Online Teaching Marketing Masterclass, which goes into more detail on content (blogs,podcasts, and video), social media, and email marketing.  

People finding you online through what you learn in Unit 3 isn't enough though. How can you ensure you're actively promoting what you do in a positive way that you'd feel happy telling your grandma about?  

Unit 4 teaches you how to sell your teaching products and services in a human way.  


As your online teaching business grows, you'll soon discover than teaching 1:1 has its limits. It's time to expand and reach even more students without working crazy extra hours.

Before we expand though, it's important to treat the students that we do have right.  

This Unit is all about working with your existing students in a memorable and unique way.  

Finally, we have The Expanding Tutor, one of my favourite units of the course! This Unit is where you begin to share your expertise in new ways that enable you to reach an infinite number of students.

PLUS: The A-Z Tech Training of Tools for Online Language Teachers 

From Acuity Scheduling to Zoom. Literally. 

Those two and all the tools in between that you'll want to get to grips with, clearly guided with 20+ on-screen tech training videos. 

As well as the full library, the relevant Tech Training videos are ready and waiting for you placed throughout the course for you to take in at the right moments.

...and a whole range of BONUSES to help you succeed...

The Online Teaching Starter Kit is my biggest and best program for independent online language teachers.  

That's why, when you enroll now, I want to give you the best chance to succeed with some exclusive bonuses...  

BONUS 1: On Course  

On Course is an online course about online courses - how meta! This Bonus Course (not sold anywhere else) teaches you everything you need to know in depth. From your initial idea to your first launch, the course will support you every step of the way.  

BONUS 2: Productivity Pro

Finding it difficult to transition to working for yourself? Weirdly tempted to do the laundry more than work? Don’t worry, Productivity Pro is a quick and easy to study online course that will increase your productivity for work (and maybe even other aspects of your life too…!)  


As well as these two exclusive bonuses that you can’t get anywhere else or buy individually, you also get instant access to three other core products of mine for online language teachers:  

BONUS 3: Online Teaching Marketing Masterclass

This live workshop recording has been cut into small and easy to digest lessons focused on 3 key areas of your online marketing: content creation, social media, and email.

BONUS 4: 100 Creative Ideas for Online Language Teachers 

If transitioning from offline to online is proving tricky, 100 Creative Ideas has your back. With well over 100 Creative Ideas to use within lessons to enhance students’ various language skills, this ebook is a must for all online language teachers. There’s also additional bonus digital content such as templates and examples.  

BONUS 5: The Online Language Teacher Planner  

When you’ve finished Productivity Pro, head over to download your Planner to get everything on your calendar! This planner has been designed specifically with online language teachers in mind by an online language teacher (that’s me!) so you know it’s ideal for you. all the SUPPORT + COMMUNITY you need.

You're not alone!  

Starting your own online language teaching business doesn't have to be stressful and lonely. It shouldn't be. That's why you've got support from me and fellow members of the OTSK all the way.  

Private Facebook Community  

For the questions and queries, you've got the support of the Private Facebook Group, exclusive to OTSK members.  

"There is so much great material in the course that I refer back to it often. Lindsay's social media expertise in language learning is second to none!"

  - Tamara, Spanish Con Salsa

"If you're looking for a course that will get you actually teaching online and not just accumulating knowledge, this is the right course for you!"

- Alessandra, Italiano Pronto All'Uso

Online Teaching Starter Kit Lindsay Does Languages


There's never been a better time to start teaching languages online.

Why now and not mañana, demain, or tomorrow?

Start today to allow yourself to:  

Actually begin to make positive progress through enjoyable work.

Find a love for language teaching online that will last for many years to come.

Confidently tell people what you do and have pride in your work.

Learn skills that transfer across multiple areas of your life beyond language teaching to make you a happier, more productive, and more confident you all round.

If you wait, you'll still keep postponing your language teaching progress with continued "next times", stalling what can today become a passionate and fulfilling career.

Am I really ready for this?

The Online Teaching Starter Kit is a great program that has helped many people start their successful and growing language teaching businesses online. But it won't be right for everyone right now.

You are ready for the Online Teaching Starter Kit if...  

You have no students currently but are committed to teaching online and ready to get your first students.  

You have a small number of students but want to grow and expand without adding hours and hours of work to your weekly schedule.  

You're looking to build and grow a long-term, successful independent online teaching business that doesn't rely on selling your lessons too cheaply on tutor marketplace websites.  

You want work that you control - giving you the freedom to choose when and where you work, travel, and play.  


You're NOT ready for the Online Teaching Starter Kit if...  

You're looking for a get-rich-quick online business. The Online Teaching Starter Kit isn't about "hustle". You'll fit in here if it's sustainable online teaching you're after.  

You're not ready and willing to learn and try new things the program teaches.  

You don't have regular internet access. You'll need that both for access to the program and for teaching.  

You're an octopus (although I can't deny it'd be fun to have you on board)  


This is what it's all about:

Working for yourself and leaving stressful bosses and nosy coworkers behind for good.

Taking a day off mid-week to run errands and maybe even treat yourself to a cheeky little coffee shop break.

Travelling where you want when you want, knowing if anything does happen to go wrong, you can fix it easily on the road.

Creating long-term, sustainable products and services that will sell for years to come.

Teaching languages online is a wonderful use of your language skills, and a great way to start working for yourself because of the ~crazy~ low setup costs.  

There's so many possibilities that potentially await you right now, you wouldn't believe them all if someone told you what might be ahead for you.  

I wouldn’t have believed it if someone had told me that by now I’d have…  

Written an article for The Guardian website. Spoken at language events across the globe, from Bratislava to Montreal. Won local awards for my social media, blog, and video. Travelled for a year, working on the road, creating language documentaries paid for by my work.  

All of these things have happened to me because of my online language teaching business. I can’t wait for whatever will come next.  

Want to find out what's next for you?  

Online Teaching Starter Kit Lindsay Does Languages


"The Online Teaching Starter Kit was a smart investment in increasing my knowledge and skills as an online language teacher."  

- Peggy, Online Spanish Teacher

"Lindsay Williams is simply amazing! A master in communication and creative thinking, she has stretched my mind and helped me dream big for my Online Language teaching business."

- Kemi, Je Parle

"Go for it! It’s packed with value. [...] It lasts 6 months but it’s valuable for years. I’m still using it now!"

- Jessica, French Sunny Side

"The Online Teaching Starter Kit helped me better understand how to start my business."  

-Yeni, Spanish With Yeni

"I'm very happy I joined the course! Lindsay proves how an online course can be just as interactive as an in class lesson. If you love what you are doing and are persistent, it will pay off - probably sooner than you think!"

-Danae, AlphaBeta Greek

“3 months in I moved to Vietnam. About 6 months in, I was teaching on the beach, guys! [...] This [course] just makes dreams possible.”  

-Jessica, French Sunny Side

Online Teaching Starter Kit Lindsay Does Languages