Ready to finally learn that language without the constant stress and worry that you're not getting fluent fast enough?

You've tried to learn that language one, two, three, seventeen times and always lose motivation.  

You're distracted by all the languages you could be learning - never fully committing to learning any of them as well as you'd like.  

You are so done with hearing that without immersion you can't learn a language.  

You don't have time to "go back to school" and learn. You need to find a way to keep going solo, but you're not sure what matters most.  

You're really trying hard to learn that language! You've got all the courses, the books, the apps...and it feels like you're throwing things against the wall and hoping they stick.  

You're beginning to wonder if there is a "magic language gene" after all. (Spoiler alert: there isn't.)  

Finding yourself nodding along? Keep reading, this is what you need right now.  

Starting again with the new app that's going to change everything...and all you "learn" are the same 5 starter phrases you already know.  

Searching online for a local class because, surely, that must be the missing piece to this endless language puzzle.  

Trying yet another course with newfound motivation only to end chapter one completely deflated and back to square one.  

Attempting to speak to actual native speakers and have no words come out.  

Seeing others chatting away fluently and feeling your heart sink that you can't join the conversation.  

Wishing someone would show you how to learn a language solo and successfully, with proven knowledge from their own experience, with heart, and with space to breathe as you do this thing once and for all.

Let's get all ~subjunctive~ here:  

Imagine you were able to finally learn that language successfully solo.  

You have the confidence to speak to strangers in a foreign language.  

You travel easy and relaxed, safe in the knowledge that your lingo will make things a breeze. 

  You have a solid language learning routine at home that you enjoy.  

You're making consistent language progress and seeing the improvements.  

This isn't just a wish, a hope, or a dream - let's come back to reality.  

This is real life: your real life with Successful Self-Study.

You know you want to learn that language, but you're constantly reminded of why you can't.

Asking yourself questions like...  

How do I even begin to learn a language solo?

I don't even have a talent for languages, how could I ever learn a second language?

I don't have time to do everything I want to now - how will I fit in learning a language?

I can't afford to live/work/travel in the country. Is it really possible to learn without immersion?

Language classes don't run where I live. Don't I need a class to really get results?

I get it. There's so much confusion and so many questions when you try learning a language on your own. Without guidance, it can be really tricky to know what to do (and what not to do). Without the support you deserve, it feels like you're destined to make too many mistakes, lose motivation, and never actually get to where you want to be with that language.  

That's where Successful Self-Study comes in.

Successful Self-Study is a self-paced online course that teaches you how to learn successfully as a solo language learner.


Please note: Depending on where you are, this purchase may be subject to compulsory VAT charges.

"This program is way better than my thoughts when I was in dilemma whether to go for this course or not as this program is not a language learning program, but weeks into the program I had learnt that it has everything for people who want to learn anything by their own, so why limit this process to language only, one can learn anything after understanding this program. Thank you Lindsay, your hard work reflects in every single source whether it's the resources or planner or trackers and most importantly your assurance of delivering updates, I will suggest everyone to go for this course. Believe me, you won't be disappointed."

Divyanshu, Successful Self-Study student

"I'd encourage anyone who is looking for a helping hand with self-study to consider this course, coming from a classroom environment for many years - transitioning into self-study has been frustrating! This community of like-minded language learners have been a great means of support and accountability. Every area of the language learning experience has been covered that we can comfortably talk about our goals, particular things with learning, using technology, and of course, fun stuff like tv show recommendations!"

Hannah, Successful Self-Study student

"The workbook in this course is the single most awesome self study language learning resource I've ever seen. Send it to the printers and get it bound!"  

Kerstin Cable, Fluent Language

Life before Successful Self-Study: 

  • Struggling to make productive progress in that language.  

  • Draining yourself constantly searching for something new to solve everything and suddenly make you fluent.  

  • Frustrated at how you forget everything when you do attempt to speak with people.  

  • Stressed that you can't seem to get past that beginner stage.  

  • Finding it hard to stay focused and interested long enough to see results. 

Life after Successful Self-Study:  

  • Making consistent progress and feeling good about it.

  • Knowing what resources and tools work best for you and your learning style so you instantly find the best things to help you learn faster.

  • Confident with your language skills - enough so to actually speak with natives comfortably.  
  • Satisfied with your regular improvements in the language.  
  • Productive with your language habits, routines and focus that don't take over the rest of your life.

Successful Self-Study consists of 8 easy-to-follow Units, with lessons you can follow in order or pick and mix as and when you need.  

Kick things off by laying solid foundations for your solo language learning. 

From where to start to goals and accountability, and from increasing your confidence to organising your study time, Unit 1 starts you on the right foot to prepare you for successful self-study.

Click below to learn more:

Units 2 to 7 are split into 6 key lessons that you can study depending on your current goals and abilities with the language you’re learning.  

Day 1: Foundations Day 2: Tools & Methods Day 3: Travel Day 4: Beginner Day 5: Intermediate Day 6: Advanced

Unit 2 focuses on the “bricks” of language - vocabulary. Without words, there’s essentially no language. So learning how to learn vocabulary in more effective ways that work for you is time well spent.

If vocabulary is the bricks, then grammar is the cement - the glue that holds those words together in an order that works rather than a big messy pile on the floor. In Unit 3, you learn techniques to improve the way you study grammar that are relevant to your current level.

Being able to read in the language you’re learning not only gives you access to a range of literature in that language, but also allows you to better understand the world around you with signs, bus timetables, and menus when visiting somewhere that speaks that language. Whether you feel anxiety, boredom or stress towards reading in another language, Unit 4 will help you find love for this valuable skill.

There’s often a heavy emphasis on speaking when it comes to language learning. But the skill that plays almost an equal role in your speaking success is listening. Being able to understand and respond to what’s being said around you is key to knowing what to say (or not say!) Unit 5 focuses on the skills you need to stay calm when you miss a word or two, become more confident when listening to new voices, and gives you a structured method to use with listening activities in your study time.

It’s easy to say you need to speak more. It’s harder to put this into action. Drawing from multiple linguistic studies into speaking foreign languages, you’ll learn the stages of speaking and how you can work to improve each one. 

Writing is often forgotten about or ignored when discussing language learning. However, if it’s full-bodied, well-rounded fluency you’re after, it’s an essential skill to develop. Unit 7 discusses the various types of writing we encounter in our modern lives and how we can learn to adapt to these, as well as using writing as a creative outlet in our language study.

After establishing good language study habits and methods that work for you in the first seven Units, the final unit of the course helps you to advance from that point. Unit 8 gets much more specific in the finer details that are often the difference between communicating and having someone mistake you for a native.  

Click below to learn more:

PLUS: The A-Z Tech Training of Tools for Language Learners  

"Everyone thinks they can self study. But along the way one loses sight of how effectively or not it can be done and how to track your progress so that you stay on track. This course is teaching me to stick to a plan and yet push myself a little more to achieve the goals that I laid out but never reached."

Aparna, Successful Self-Study student

"Successful Self-Study is oriented on language learning but the tips and tricks about organisation are applicable to every area of life. The Workbook is great: I like to organise on paper, and I could print the templates and fill them manually. I also liked discovering new language learning tools. It's a course about self-study, which means learning with autonomy, not alone."

Dorothée, Successful Self-Study student

"I definitely feel more motivated and in control of my learning since starting Successful Self-Study. The concept of "onion goals" have helped make my goals more actionable and less intimidating. I have begun to put the concepts into practice and I am accomplishing more than I have in a while. I have even applied the "onion goals" concepts to my school studies — I feel so productive!"  

Mel, Successful Self-Study student

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  • 8 Units of Successful Self-Study
  • A to Z Language Tech Training Library
  • Instant Access to Everything
  • 12 Month Access to Everything
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420 400 USD

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Payment Plan

  • 8 Units of Successful Self-Study
  • A to Z Language Tech Training Library
  • Instant Access to Everything
  • 12 Month Access to Everything
  • Payment plan to spread the cost

70 USD x 6 months

Please note: Depending on where you are, this purchase may be subject to compulsory VAT charges.

Here's what's great about Successful Self-Study...

 This is a digital self-paced course.  

That means that the content consists of videos, workbooks, and more that can be accessed any time from anywhere.  

Wherever you are, whatever time of day, it's you who gets to decide how and when you study, on your terms.  

No worries of being late to class, no stresses about not doing a lesson on time, just you in control. Pretty cool, huh?  

"That's great and all, but how long will it really take me to see an improvement in my language?"

  The honest answer here is that it depends on you and your current situation.  

Most members of Successful Self-Study see results and are more confident with their solo language learning in a couple of months.  

To see noticeable results within a couple of months, I recommend you set aside a couple of hours each week to work through one unit per week.  

However, others may take longer to go back in and really focus on working on specific lessons or units. That's fine too.  

Because what's great about Successful Self-Study is that you have 12 months access (including all future updates too!). This means you get to decide how the course fits into your life.  

There's never been a better time to learn how to learn a language.

Why today and not tomorrow, or next week, next month, next year?

Start today to allow yourself to:  

Actually begin to make positive progress through enjoyable study time.

Find a love for language learning that will last for many years to come.

Confidently use the language when you meet native speakers rather than telling yourself "next time".

Learn skills that transfer across multiple areas of your life beyond language learning to make you a happier, more productive, and more confident you all round.

If you wait, you'll still keep postponing your language learning progress with continued "next time's", stalling what can today become a passionate and fulfilling interest and skill for life.  

"I hear you. But is this really for me?"

Successful Self-Study is a great course. That said, I know it's not going to be right for everyone. 

You are ready for Successful Self-Study if you are...  

An independent language learner ready to take things to the next level with your self-study.  

A language learner studying in a class or with a tutor who struggles to find motivation, time, and focus outside of lesson time.  

A newbie to language learning who doesn't know where to begin.  

A fan of language learning who's overwhelmed by all the techie options for language study nowadays - I'll clear up all those tech troubles for you.  

You are not ready for Successful Self-Study if you are...  

Someone who is looking for a quick fix, a magic pill, a one-size-fits-all "system" to learn a language.  

A modern-day Mezzofanti with proficiency in every language on Earth (Call me. Let's talk.)  

Someone who isn't willing to try new things and switch up their current study to learn a language successfully.  

An armadillo (Although I'd be jumping up and down for days if you join us.)  

This course is self-paced. To avoid overwhelm when you join us, I recommend you start by setting yourself a deadline to finish at least the first couple of lessons.  

You can choose to study one Unit per week, or per month, or completely differently at ties that suit you. Totally up to you. 

Once you have everything, you're welcome to dig in to whatever you want whenever you need it. 

This is what it's all about.

Ordering that cappuccino in an Italian piazza in such good Italian the waiter doesn't bat an eyelid and certainly doesn't switch to English.

Sitting to take that final French exam, feeling quietly confident that you'll pass knowing you've studied well on your own time beyond the classroom.

Understanding the lyrics to that K-pop song you've always loved that was the reason you wanted to start learning Korean in the first place.

Wowing the interviewers with your Spanish skills and changing your life forever getting that job because your language skills put you above the other candidates.

Learning that language you've always wanted to learn will open doors that previously felt locked tight and bolted firmly.  

One of the greatest things about language learning is that you never know where that door leads once you've unlocked it.  

There is a world of opportunity out there waiting for you and your confident language knowledge.  

Whether its work, study, love, life, or simply for fun, language learning is a skill that enhances your entire life and what you learn when you learn a language solo stays with you and changes your life for the better.  




You close this browser tab, carry on with your life, keep trying to cobble together your own language learning "plan" that isn't so much a plan and more a guess of what you should be doing based on the 17th YouTube video you've watched on that subject just this afternoon.

You join Successful Self-Study, and put the trust in yourself that you deserve to make positive changes to your language learning and begin to see an impact within just a few weeks.

Where would you rather be in a few weeks?

Manically opening another tab that "promises" the answers...  


Actively learning that language in a positive way that works for you as you work through Successful Self-Study understanding how you learn languages best.  

If you're ready to say auf wiedersehen to messing around and hoping you find what works and actually figure out what does work for you, then Successful Self-Study is the online course to get you there.

But I have no time for this!  

"I have no time to learn the language, never mind learn HOW to learn."  

We're all really busy. Me included, so I understand. But trust me when I say that taking some time to actually focus on learning how to learn a language rather than just "pretending" to learn a language is really going to save you time in the long run. Besides, I'm a firm believer in fitting language learning around your life, not fitting your life around language learning. You can access Successful Self-Study across multiple devices, and even download and print the workbooks for each Unit, meaning you can fit in taking action on this in the pockets of time that you do have.

I don't have a natural talent for languages though so why bother?

"I wasn't born with the "language gene". Is it even worth me still trying with all this language learning stuff if it doesn't come naturally to me?"

Ok, time for some real talk. Anyone can learn a language. After all, if you're reading this, you understand English! A second language on the other hand? Yup. You can learn that too. Although it may seem easier for others, what you're not seeing is the hours and hours of practice, the many many mistakes it took to get where they are now. Being good at something is only marginally related to our talent. The rest is hard work - the grit and determination to do well at stuff. And that is the stuff that CAN be self-taught.

I'm more interested in learning for fun though.

"I'm just learning for something fun to do. Do I really need a course to help me in my situation?"

Oh, I'm so with you! I'm not someone that needs to chat to every Tom, Dick and Harry in English, and guess what? That means I don't have to in other languages either. But learning for fun or not, there's something to be said for learning how to get better at the skill that's often ignored with language learning: learning how to learn. With such clear skills involved with the actual language - reading, listening, speaking, and writing - it can become all too easy to ignore the one skill that will help you become a better all round language learner and spark a passion for language learning for life: learning how to learn. Not only that, but Successful Self-Study gives you skills such as time management, productivity, listening attentively, goal setting - all of which transfer to improve multiple other areas of your life as well.

Pay In Full

  • 8 Units of Successful Self-Study
  • A to Z Language Tech Training Library
  • Instant Access to Everything
  • 12 Month Access to Everything
  • Save 20 USD compared to the Payment Plan

420 400 USD

Payment Plan

  • 8 Units of Successful Self-Study
  • A to Z Language Tech Training Library
  • Instant Access to Everything
  • 12 Month Access to Everything
  • Payment plan to spread the cost

70 USD x 6 months

Please note: Depending on where you are, this purchase may be subject to compulsory VAT charges.

"Successful Self-Study is just what I needed to support my language learning. Talk about the right place at the right time. I love how personable Lindsay is and how adaptable she's made the course - I can do it on the go or sitting at home. Not only that, but she is so easy to relate to. Many of her language learning experiences are ones I've had too. I also think she LITERALLY has all my language learning questions covered in the course. Successful Self-Study is like a good book - when you finish it you plan to go right back to the beginning and read it again because there's always something new to learn. If you think binge-watching Netflix is fun, you should try an evening of binge-watching Successful Self-Study! I can't say enough how pleased I am to have signed up for this course. I only wish I'd done it sooner!"

Vickie, Successful Self-Study student

"I was so excited to discover Lindsay's course because I've always enjoyed learning languages (mostly on my own) but haven't always done it in the most interesting or efficient way. Lindsay is extremely good at goal-setting and will help you articulate, and plan, your goals. Successful Self-Study will help you at whatever stage you're at. And you can use the course however you want - I'm dipping in and picking out the parts which are most relevant to me now, but it's good to know that I'll always have access to it. For the first time in my life (I'm 61), I feel surrounded by people for whom 'language nerd' is a compliment, not a put-down! Thank you, Lindsay."

Philippa, Successful Self-Study student

"Lindsay has put together a comprehensive step by step course to help you know what to do to learn another language. The step by step tech videos are worth their weight in gold."

Robert, Successful Self-Study student

Here's the deal...

  If we were to work together 1:1 face to face, in the time it would take us to cover everything in Successful Self-Study, we're talking at least 5000 USD based on 10 days of Heads Together Learner Coaching. And even in that time, we might not cover everything.  

Even if we were to do this online 1:1, with 6 Wingwoman Learner Coaching packages, we're talking at least 3900 USD.  

That's why I made Successful Self-Study.  

I am committed to helping as many language learners as possible get better at learning languages on their own - can I include you in that?  

What happens next?

Step 1: Enroll in Successful Self-Study

Step 2: Look out for this email.

Step 3: You'll get immediate access to the course.

Enroll via the link below and choose your payment option to sign up.

You'll see an email sharing what to expect next and when. (If you don't spot this right away, be sure to check your spam and trash folders)

And you're in! The Units will be waiting for you along with the A to Z of Tech Training and all the extra goodies so you can dive right in and get started!

Got any questions?

+ When does the course start and finish?

The course is self-paced and you will have 12 months access to complete the course in a timeframe that suits you. You can start today!

+ How long do I have access to the course?

I care about your results, and that's why you get 12 months access to everything, so you can take real impactful action.    

+ Do you offer refunds?

No. And here's why - I know that you can get real results with Successful Self-Study. And I know that having a 'get out of jail free' card (aka refund option) doesn't help you get those results. Trust yourself, you got this!

+ Will I have time to study the course?

This stuff took me years to learn. The course gives you everything in just a matter of hours. And to make sure you can really take the time to put things into action, it's released to you over 8 weeks. If you don't have time to waste experimenting with methods that don't work for you, then this course will save you a ton of time. Cheers to that!

+ What is the time commitment per week?

Depending on how quickly you want to see progress, that's really up to you. As the course is self-paced, it's really your choice how much time you commit each week. And remember, you have access for a whole year so can revisit any part of the course as many times as you need within that year.

+ Do I need to already be learning a language?

Most people who join Successful Self-Study are already learning languages on their own. However, some people who join really want to but don't know where to begin. There's no requirement to have any knowledge of a second language when you join, just the desire to learn it.

+ Are there any other material or equipment costs besides the enrollment cost of the course?

There are many additional tools or resources you can purchase to help you learn a language. None of these are required. I recommend various options within Successful Self-Study, but there are also plenty of free suggestions too.

+ Will this course teach me English/French/Spanish/the language I'm learning?

Successful Self-Study doesn’t teach the specifics of any language in particular. This is not a course to learn one language. Rather it’s a course that teaches you how to learn ANY language, which means it’s an ideal companion for all language learners who want to learn better.

Hey! ¡Hola! Ciao!

Why hello there! I'm Lindsay and I do Languages, which is why I founded Lindsay Does Languages in 2012, a community dedicated to inspiring independent language learners + online teachers to succeed when doing it solo.  

When I'm not learning languages myself (+ I've studied a few - 12 at last count!), I'm coaching independent language learners + online teachers just like you online. 

And when I'm not doing that I'm playing with my tortoise Gonzo who speaks a grand total of zero languages.

"I was positively surprised how useful this course was for me. In general I tend to buy courses from people like Lindsay, whose advice has helped me (since she also gives great advice on her blog). I really liked this course, I loved that everything was collected into one place and also even though I've learned a lot of languages, I'm a bit new to learning alone. So, I found really good ideas from this course. [...] I got many fresh ideas to improve what I'm doing now. Even with reading, which is the easiest thing for me, since I love reading. I highly recommend this course for anyone who's new to self-study, but also for more experienced people to make their study routines more effective. Really loved this course!"

Anna, Successful Self-Study student

"I highly recommend this course as very useful advice about language learning, both for students and teachers."

Anna, Successful Self-Study student (a different Anna!)

Pay In Full

  • 8 Units of Successful Self-Study
  • A to Z Language Tech Training Library
  • Instant Access to Everything
  • 12 Month Access to Everything
  • Save 20 USD compared to the Payment Plan

420 400 USD

Payment Plan

  • 8 Units of Successful Self-Study
  • A to Z Language Tech Training Library
  • Instant Access to Everything
  • 12 Month Access to Everything
  • Payment plan to spread the cost

70 USD x 6 months

Please note: Depending on where you are, this purchase may be subject to compulsory VAT charges.

Any unanswered questions?