Take your online teaching business to an exciting new level with on-demand training from experienced mentors.


The membership community for ambitious online teachers and creators that will give you a monthly burst of inspiration and knowledge to improve everything about how you market, create, and run your business.

Brought to you by Kerstin Cable of Fluent Language and Lindsay Williams of Lindsay Does Languages.  

You’re a passionate online teacher, armed with tons of expertise, a talent for sharing your knowledge, and the ambition to spread your message to thousands of people around the world.

You want to create lessons and tools that help you scale your work and build a smart business that helps you thrive and succeed instead of making ends meet.

And as a one-person entity, you’re not made of time or money. You’ve got to do it all: marketing, teaching, creating, selling...without ever having been to business school.

You probably know what it’s like to spend hours glued to your screen or spend a full day planning, just to feel yourself panic when you realise you’ve got trapped in procrastination.

We know how frustrating it feels to have a business question and find a million answers out there...but none of them seem to fit a passionate one-person business like yours.

You’d love to feel confident and motivated in your business every day, knowing you can teach what you are best at and thrive as a company of one.

You dream of delivering more than just a weekly 1-to-1 lesson.

  You are a credible expert in your field and ready to build the project you’ve secretly been dreaming of, and now it’s time to tell the world!


When you’re creative and you have a message to share with the world, the possibilities are endless. The problem is that they can feel too endless.  

Sometimes instead of creating and promoting the impactful products that you dream of, you’re spinning your wheels and going around in circles  

...looking at a hard drive of half-finished drafts  

...or even worse you might find yourself with a finished course that just isn’t selling!

There are a lot of business coaches out there on the internet who want to tell you that the solution is to spend more money or hustle hard, shouting about your new product to anyone and everyone on the internet.  

That’s great for a week or so, but if you’re like us, you’ll have tried that kind of strategy and found that it’s kind of unworkable. You don’t have the time or money to just outsource a little more or get up another hour earlier.  

And to be honest, you’re kind of exhausted trying to keep your business running on the basis of one-to-one work where you trade your time for money.  

Like you, we care about our students and we are passionate about what we teach. This is an amazing time to work in this field - you can work online from anywhere in the world and use low-cost tools to create at professional levels.


is to... 

...learn what you need to know and how to make it work in your business, exactly at the right time. 

...focus on the tools that will help you become super productive because you’ll work on what matters most. 

...create amazing new products that inspire your audience and help you break out of the time-for-money cage.  

...get motivated by a buzzing online community of like-minded people who know the realities of your individual situation.  

The key to going from exhausted online teacher to inspiring subject expert is to learn from the right kind of people.

Like you, we’ve spent years trying to figure out the best strategies for choosing which products to create and how to sell them to the right people.  

We’ve had our fair share of dead-end advice sessions and conversations with business advisors and coaches who just don’t seem to get what teaching online is really like.  

Honestly, if all we wanted to do was to write a textbook, we’d have been out of here years ago. But like you, we want to create a deep impact with our work and have fun while earning a living.  

You probably know how amazing it is when you find that one answer to the question you’ve had bouncing around in your mind, just at the right time.  

What you want is a place to learn new skills, sharpen your business skills, and become part of a community of ambitious teachers who know what it means to do it all as only one incredibly well-organised entrepreneur.  

If you’re making things happen as an independent online teacher, you’re going to need motivation, confidence, and skills.  

That is exactly what we have created for you. It’s called...  

Teach & Thrive!

Teach & Thrive is a new online community designed around flexible, actionable training sessions that come to you on a monthly basis.  

It’s created by Lindsay Williams and Kerstin Cable.

Oh hey! And who are we exactly?

We’re two passionate online language teachers who decided to create a business out of what we love to teach.

Between us we have written books and online courses, conquered the world of podcasts, worked from four different continents, and developed productive systems to help us make a good living every month.  

We know how important it is to run your business your own way and speak to your students with an authentic voice.  

In seven years of online teaching, we have had our fair share of disappointments, bombed launches, abandoned campaigns and mean comments on social media. We also know the amazing feeling of being able to write your own paycheque, set your own working hours and receive emails of gratitude from happy customers (who paid full price).  

And the thing is...everything got a little bit easier once we found the people that get it and once we started talking to each other.  

We learnt that sharing experiences and skills is the key to success, and nothing is as helpful as hearing from people who know exactly what your world looks like.

"What I like about Kerstin is her ability to pull a number of resources together and point people in the right direction. I'm sure she has a wealth of expertise herself, but in my humble opinion her major strength is the ability to compile her own experience, the experience of others and some other people's valuable advice and bring it all together."  

- Elena, on Kerstin's Savvy Brand Academy

“Lindsay is very responsive, always has good energy, and has created a lot of great resources for aspiring online teachers.”  

- Jessica, on Lindsay's Online Teaching Starter Kit

We regularly hear from online teachers who have questions about how to create a successful online teaching business.

Questions like... 

What should I write on my website?  

How do I know which one of these product ideas will be successful? 

What can I do to stand out from the crowd and show my students that I am different from every other teacher?  

How can I know what to write on my blog and on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook...and do it in a way that doesn’t take days?

And the big one...

How do I make more money without working even more hours (because I really don’t have them)?

Maybe you used to think that your passion and expertise is all it takes to get ahead. And the truth is that you need a smart system and an experienced mentor to guide you when it comes to creating the teaching business that you dream of.  

That’s what you get in the Teach & Thrive sessions.  

Sometimes you need a second perspective to see things clearly. That’s why we are over the moon to be offering you a place on Teach & Thrive as a collaborative project, so you can learn from not one focused business mentor, but two of them.  

This monthly workshop series is a unique opportunity to learn from both of us and get solid advice that works for you as an individual, not another student in a massive online course.

Kerstin is a true gem! Super smart and provides excellent online business strategy insights. She has a breadth of experience and is extremely easy to talk to. Recommend her highly and would rehire her again in a heartbeat.“  

- Dana, on Online Business Coaching with Kerstin

I cannot thank Lindsay enough for our Quickfire Coaching Session today! [...] I feel like my online teaching business has already and will continue to benefit from our 1 hour of planning. Cannot recommend this enough to other online language teachers. Thank you Lindsay!”  

- Georgia, on Teacher Coaching with Lindsay

In this unique series of online masterclasses, you’ll learn our tried-and-tested strategies for running a one-person business, building a marketing strategy that works, and creating high-value products that will create new income streams so you don’t have to trade your time for money. It’s hard to create new things when you’re busy working. We will help you focus on your productivity and clear any long to-do lists so you can focus on the work that matters.  

Motivation is unreliable. Our flexible control centre gives you a voice so you can ask for custom training on exactly the question that is on your mind right now.  

Your calendar is pretty full. You need a focused and well-organised answer to your questions instead of scouring the internet and sifting through generic advice.  

Here’s what’s inside Teach & Thrive:

Monthly Live Online Training

Join us live every month to learn something new focused on a key topic voted for by you and other Teach & Thrive members.

Each session lasts for around 90 minutes including time for your questions at the end.

Workbook for Each Training

To accompany each Live Training, you've got a workbook to help you put what you learn into action.

The workbooks are created as a Google Doc so they're super easy to use digitally or to print out if you prefer.

Trello Control Centre

Your HQ for all things Teach & Thrive!

This is where you get to vote for (& suggest) upcoming topics for the Live Trainings. It's also a place to ask your questions and connect with other members.

Contact with Kindred Spirits!

Not of the spooky kind. 

But a place where you can chat and meet other online language teachers is much better than being visited by a ghost.

The best thing about this new series is that it is NOT a pre-recorded bank of instructions that may or may not help you in the moment.  

Instead, you have got an active say in the topics that you want us to cover next.  

Feeling stuck on website writing?  

Always wondered how to podcast?  

Getting frustrating because you're drowning in tasks?  

This way, each workshop becomes your very own on-demand training and you can finally stop googling everyone else’s advice and take a power hour every month to implement the answer.  

Request the topics that you need to hear about, and never waste another minute reading 100 answers that don’t quite fit.

Ready to join Teach & Thrive?


Please note: If you are living in certain parts of the world, this purchase will be subject to compulsory VAT charges outside of our control. 

“Kerstin speaks from years of experience in the field of online teaching, marketing and branding. She knows what it feels like to be incredibly passionate about paving one's own path in the world of education, and knows only too well the fear and insecurities that 'breaking free' from the norm brings. Kerstin has been, and continues to be, one of my main inspirations for launching a tutoring business.”  

- Mererid, on Kerstin's Savvy Brand Academy

“Working with Lindsay has been an absolute pleasure as well as an amazing progress for my business. When I started I couldn't even call it 'business', but now I can and want to.”  

- Anjelika, on Lindsay's Online Teaching Starter Kit

Got a question? Let's fix that.

+ How much time do I have to invest in this training every month? We know that you are too busy to find a whole extra day in your week to spend on Teach & Thrive, so this programme is not about dawdling...it’s about results! Prepare to learn A LOT in each live masterclass, which is designed to take no more than 90 minutes of your time. After the live session, you’re going to need more time to apply all the new knowledge and decide how you’re going to take action. So we’d recommend allowing 1-2 hours to focus on each Masterclass Workbook, take action in your business, and share your insights with the community.  

+ I don’t want to be annoying or sleazy. Will this programme make me do uncomfortable stuff? Integrity and authenticity are our highest values, and we know it doesn’t work to push on when your gut knows something isn’t right. So the answer to this is a simple no. We aim to inspire and challenge you to go beyond what might be keeping you stuck, but that will never mean pressuring you to “hustle” or “beast mode” or simply blame yourself and your lack of belief. Teach & Thrive is built on respect and the knowledge that you are an amazing and credible teacher with a very intelligent sense of what is right in your business. So you can join in the knowledge that your success will be 100% sustainable.  

+ When are the sessions going live? We’re keeping things simple and easy to plan here. Expect a Teach & Thrive Masterclass on every second Thursday of the month. So that’s one live session delivered once a month. We often reach out to members to confirm the best time for each session too. If you cannot make it to a live class at the scheduled time, we’ve got you covered with recordings of every single masterclass that you can revisit as many times as you like. 

+ Will you answer my specific question in this programme? Yes, we will. Every live masterclass is your opportunity to bring questions and issues that you’ve come up against in your business and receive on-the-spot coaching from Lindsay or Kerstin. But even if your question is not fully formed yet, you can still ask it. How? Through our Trello Control Centre! We have built Teach & Thrive in a very special way that allows you to actively vote and request what the upcoming masterclasses will be about. 

+ How long do I have access to Teach & Thrive? Forever...and possibly a day. As long as Teach & Thrive exists, you’ll have access to these lessons (and should the community close at any point in the future, we’ll make sure you’re covered with an easy download link). 

+ How do I know that Teach & Thrive is the right programme for me? Teach & Thrive is for online teachers who want to take their dream projects to the next level and build a successful, meaningful online business. You want be creating outstanding courses, bestselling books that change your students’ lives for the better. You want to have a system that keeps you productive and motivated, without stress, so that you can focus on building the business you dream of. You want to earn more money in less time by going beyond the traditional lesson structures and building resources that practically sell themselves. And most importantly, you are done with doing everything on your own, and ready to join a buzzing community of like-minded people. That’s what Teach & Thrive is going to create for you. 

+ Can I trust Lindsay & Kerstin to help me in my business? Absolutely. We have been walking the walk for years and each have supported hundreds of online teachers in our business through online courses and individual coaching programmes. We have built our businesses from the ground up and failed a hundred times, learning a little bit of wisdom along the way. Take a look at our testimonials on this page to see what we're talking about!

+ Could I use this program for something outside of teaching languages? For sure! Although our experence lies mainly wth working with people teaching languages online, we do have members currently in Teach & Thrive teaching other subjects too. You're more than welcome to join us! A lot of what we share isn't directly connected to languages.

“Kerstin is an inspiration and has down to earth ideas that will help you to bring your marketing to the next level. She helped my company achieve a significant increase in sales during the promotion period of my new course, and her work helped us focus on a couple of core ideas rather than getting lost in several ideas with low potential. Kerstin’s enthusiasm is contagious and she was 100% fast, trustworthy and reliable. It was a pleasure to work with her.”  

- Michael, on working with Kerstin as a Marketing Consultant

“Working with Lindsay was a gift I should have given myself months ago! I felt supported and encouraged as we worked through my questions and blocks. After one hour with Lindsay, I am 100% ready to move forward with my teaching business using the actionable steps that she tailored to my specific needs. Thank you Lindsay!”  

- Annamaria, on Teacher Coaching with Lindsay

Made it all the way down here but still have a question? Ask away...

Please note: If you are living in certain parts of the world, this purchase will be subject to compulsory VAT charges outside of our control.