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You want to get started teaching online for free.

Free On-Demand Training: How to Start Teaching Languages Online

Ready to start teaching languages online?

This free on-demand training has been made with you in mind! You'll learn the 6 key steps for all online language teachers, and really focus in on one crucial stage from step one.

You in? Click below to sign up now.


You have some questions on your mind...

The Teach Languages Online Facebook Group

Looking for a place to connect online with other independent online language teachers?  

The Teach Languages Online Facebook Group is your new favourite spot to hang out online and connect, chat, and collaborate with fellow teachers.  

Ready to join the Facebook Group? Click below to request to join.

Teach Languages Online Facebook Group

You want regular community & training (+ a whole archive of things to up your game)

Teach & Thrive

You’re a passionate online teacher, armed with tons of expertise, a talent for sharing your knowledge, and the ambition to spread your message to thousands of people around the world.

Teach & Thrive is the membership community for ambitious online teachers and creators that will give you a monthly burst of inspiration and knowledge to improve everything about how you market, create, and run your business.

Click the button below to take your online teaching business to an exciting new level with on-demand training from experienced mentors.

You love a good podcast and want a new one covering everything about online teaching.

The Teach Languages Online Podcast

Teach Languages Online is a weekly podcast to help you make your online language teaching the best it can be.

There's a whole archive ready and waiting for you!

We cover everything from pedagogical theories and teaching methods to social media and all that behind the scenes stuff.

Be sure to check our interview episodes as well to hear from a range of inspiring online language teachers.

Teach Languages Online Podcast

You need support getting organised (+ staying that way!)

The Online Language Teacher Planner

You distract yourself with the washing up that definitely needs to be done before you begin work.  

You procrastinate with that dog walk that absolutely needs to happen right now.  

You eventually sit down to work...a little nervous about where to begin.  

5 hours later…  

The dishes are washed, the dog is walked, but your work remains to be done beyond cycling between your inbox + Facebook.  

Time for change.

The Online Language Teacher Planner is a digital and print-ready planner to get your online language teaching in order and make you more productive.

Yes, please!

You need inspiration for what to do in an online lesson.

100 Creative Ideas for Online Language Teachers

You’re all pumped to teach languages online.  

You try to convert your current resource collection to work online and….argh!  

You’re so overwhelmed that you just back down and settle for a textbook + a worksheet.  

You’re stressed. Your students are bored. You’re ready to give up and forget this whole teaching online malarky.  

Keep going. All you need is that creative spark.

100 Creative Ideas for Online Language Teachers is an ebook with over 100 Creative Ideas for activities to use within lessons as well as organise + promote your teaching. Each chapter has bonus digital companion content such as videos, templates + examples to support what you learn.  

It's a must for all online language teachers.

I need this in my life.

You want to focus on building your promotion skills for your lessons.

The Online Teaching Marketing Masterclass

So you're all set to teach online.  

You've got your resources lined up nicely in Google Drive.  

You've got your website finally looking how you want.  

And maybe you've even got a couple of your first students.  


But where are the rest of them?  

*tumbleweed floats by*  

*crickets sound*  

*you feel sad*  

You want more students? Time to promote your online teaching.

The Online Teaching Marketing Masterclass is an online course focusing on 3 key topics in this area: Social Media, Content Creation + Email Marketing. The course delves deep into ways to make the best of the tools available to you.

I want to promo like a pro.

You're into it and ready to make teaching languages online your new normal.

The Online Teaching Starter Kit

You try to start your business but the options overwhelm you.  

You want to streamline the booking process but the tech doesn’t do what you want.  

You write an amazing blog post but no one sees it.  

You have no students. You’re making no money. You’re ready to give up and go back to that job you hate.  

Don’t give up. You got this.  

You just need some direction.

The Online Teaching Starter Kit is a self-paced online course that walks you step-by-step through the process of creating, promoting and growing your own online language teaching business.

This is my biggest program for new + growing online language teachers.

Including live sessions and continued support and community, this is your best option to help you start teaching languages online.

To learn what you need to know, sign up for the free on-demand training below.

Tell me more...

You need some personal 1:1 support with teaching online right now.

Online Teaching Coaching Sessions + Packages

When you need more personal 1:1 support with your online language teaching, Online Teaching Coaching Calls + Packages are the way to go.

Spaces for Teacher Coaching Packages are available on a limited basis.

Click below to learn more + pick the right Package for you.

What People Are Saying About Learning With Me


 "If online teaching is what you want to do, the Online Teaching Starter Kit really has everything you need."  

-James, Student, Online Teaching Starter Kit

  "If you are ready to be an online teacher and are willing to put in the work to build your own business, then you won't find a better guide than the Online Teaching Starter Kit."

-Elena, Student, Online Teaching Starter Kit


"Lindsay Williams is simply amazing! A master in communication and creative thinking, she has stretched my mind and helped me dream big for my Online Language teaching business."

-Kemi, Student, Online Teaching Starter Kit

"I’m a full-time online teacher now and I can fully support myself from my monthly income. From the very first classes I taught online, I knew that what made the difference between me and other teachers were the things that I had learned on the Online Teaching Starter Kit."  

-Jessica, Student, Online Teaching Starter Kit